I’ve been crocheting since I was 12, when the neighbor across from us in our apartment building first showed me how to make a granny square. I started knitting in 2010 or so.

I wound up taking a long break from the fiber arts due to some health problems that made the work so slow and laborious that it made me stressed and sad to work on a project, instead of experiencing the joy that working with yarn had always brought me.

My two oldest children took up crochet in the summer of 2023 and with their urging I took up the hook. I found that I could enjoy it again and I haven’t stopped since.

I have 3 kids in total, all teenagers, and I live with them and with my husband in southeastern Massachusetts, where we often have the blessing of a proper winter so that all the hats and scarves and blankets we make get put to good use. If there’s something better than making a thing and having it bring warmth to the wearer, I don’t know what it is.