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this & that

Just now made another mistake on Grain. I dropped a yo instead of knitting it I think? In any case, everything’s secure, just odd looking in a spot. Won’t even notice in the fo.

Got some stitch markers from ChiaoGoo that are making things much easier where I’m using them. Proper tool for the proper job. You wouldn’t think a stitch marker would make much of a difference but it really eliminates a friction point.

I got my latest purchase from Knitivity today. It’s gorgeous as always. Pictures to come.

I got some Scarfie this week as well and thought I’d picked a pattern for it but changed my mind when I actually started working it up. So that can be stash for a bit while I work on other things.

I’ve been doing a lot of gaming this week. I think my hands appreciate being asked to do something else.

And there’s even more going on but that seems like a good list!

Grain is growing

I haven’t worked on her in a couple of days, but it’s going quickly.

You can see in the second picture that I made a blooper, but I think continuing on has straightened it out. I can’t say as I mind too much…I like perfection as much as anyone but I know that I probably won’t get there, at least not yet. So it’s good practice taking it in stride.

Knit and Crochet

I’ve always thought of myself more as a crochet addict (I wrote patterns in it, after all) but looking back through my Ravelry projects shows that I’ve done my fair share of knitting. I was actually surprised at how much.

I had an unfinished scarf that I picked back up (this one) and somehow despite its beautiful simplicity I managed to make a mistake that I could only figure to solve by ripping back a bit. Somehow I managed without everything going everywhere, got it back on the needles, reoriented the stitches and re-knit it. Just this moment I feel it’s fair if I call myself a knitter. Feels a little strange but I’m going with it.