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Little Skinny Scarf

(Yarn by Ray from Knitivity.)

Following the sock fail I decided to do something fun with the yarn and set up a cute little scarf. I used my own Rectangle Granny Bookmark base row with a multiple of 4+2 then just played. It turned out to be a great length to just toss around your neck and is very light and warmer than it looks.

I have half the skein left and an idea what to do with it. We’ll see how that goes.

Knit and Crochet

I’ve always thought of myself more as a crochet addict (I wrote patterns in it, after all) but looking back through my Ravelry projects shows that I’ve done my fair share of knitting. I was actually surprised at how much.

I had an unfinished scarf that I picked back up (this one) and somehow despite its beautiful simplicity I managed to make a mistake that I could only figure to solve by ripping back a bit. Somehow I managed without everything going everywhere, got it back on the needles, reoriented the stitches and re-knit it. Just this moment I feel it’s fair if I call myself a knitter. Feels a little strange but I’m going with it.


I’ve been thinking about doing a temperature blanket for a few years now but haven’t been able to wrap my head around the details. I’m 100% certain that I picked up the notion of doing a scarf from somewhere in my wanderings, but it popped into my head as if it were my idea. I think it would be a much more manageable project, though I still feel as if it might wind up suitable for the Fourth Doctor (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourth_Doctor) (if you scroll down you can see the scarf in question). As a scarf it’s quite low-risk in time and yarn cost compared to a blanket, so I may just give it a go. And seeing as my birthday is next month and I love having a ton of projects going, I may just make it birthday-to-birthday instead of Jan 1 to Jan 1. I get to go yarn shopping for my birthday that way!

WIP: the silver scarf

I couldn’t sleep last night so this went from a few inches to almost 2 feet long:

I’m sure there are mistakes in it but I love the overall effect. The stitch came from a book by Tracey Todhunter called The Step-by-Step Guide to 200 Crochet Stitches.

This is number 125, Garland Lace.

The yarn is Red Heart Soft in Light Grey Heather.

I’m mildly obsessed with it, so it might actually be done before the weather turns truly cold. I’m keeping this one for me. 🙂