I’ve always though of myself as a product knitter, which makes a ton of sense given that I used to work in the design space where the final product was the entire point. I suspect this bled into everything I did, and I can’t remember ever slowing down and just enjoying the making of a thing.

Since I returned, though, I find myself as interested in the process as the product. Sometimes I get impatient for sure, but just as often I find myself more patient, not minding the time it takes to finish a row or the complexity of a stitch, enjoying the colors as they slide along the needle or admiring the fabric as it flies off the hook. It’s a whole different world working for the experience as well as the result, and for me it’s a fantastic change. Does this make me a newly minted process knitter? I don’t know. But I’m having fun with my yarn, and isn’t that the point?