So I wrote before about difficulties I had trying to manage a blanket for Project Linus…the stars just wouldn’t align. So I switched yarns and started again. This is the current state of that attempt:

There was more than twice as much fabric there before I frogged.

This time it wasn’t a problem with the yarn, though, it was a problem with me. I have no idea how I managed it but I got extra stitches at the end of several rows and the thing was just too crooked to save by easing it back in. Weirdly I only did this on one side. Even weirder that I did it at all. I have no idea where my mind must have been.

Working on it again is just too much for right now so it’s safely put away where I won’t think about it for a while. I’ll no doubt finish it eventually, once the sight of it doesn’t make me cross anymore. I’m definitely losing the race to finish a blanket, but I firmly believe in putting good vibes into your projects so definitely better late than cranky!