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WIP: a happy blankie

I’m not always the biggest fan of granny squares for baby blankets. I worry about little fingers getting caught in the spaces and their potentially being too heavy. After my earlier struggles and given their reliability though I decided to make an attempt at one for my stubborn, stubborn blanket…and it’s coming out beautifully. Gaps are fine, the colors are singing, and it works up fast. We’ve got a winner.

I’ll try to get photos soon.

In Time-Out: the sad blanket

So I wrote before about difficulties I had trying to manage a blanket for Project Linus…the stars just wouldn’t align. So I switched yarns and started again. This is the current state of that attempt:

There was more than twice as much fabric there before I frogged.

This time it wasn’t a problem with the yarn, though, it was a problem with me. I have no idea how I managed it but I got extra stitches at the end of several rows and the thing was just too crooked to save by easing it back in. Weirdly I only did this on one side. Even weirder that I did it at all. I have no idea where my mind must have been.

Working on it again is just too much for right now so it’s safely put away where I won’t think about it for a while. I’ll no doubt finish it eventually, once the sight of it doesn’t make me cross anymore. I’m definitely losing the race to finish a blanket, but I firmly believe in putting good vibes into your projects so definitely better late than cranky!

Current WIP: the big brown blankie

I love a good granny square blanket and I fell head over heels for this yarn (Red Heart Super Saver Stripes in Latte). My photography skills are sorely lacking but the skein runs from a lovely bone color through to a deep brown and back and the effect is quite pretty on a random square.

I was originally going to do all squares about a foot across but I felt like switching it up so I created a center with 6 squares ( 2×3) and am crocheting around them continuing the granny-ness. Right now I’ve only got one round completed so I’m not sure yet if it’s going to turn out the way I’m thinking it will. If it doesn’t turn into a massive frog-ject I’ll try to get better photos in a few more rows.

I was originally planning for a throw but I grabbed some more yarn (the dye lot doesn’t match, but I might get lucky) and we’ll see if that’s on the table when the time comes.

Pardon the Dust

It feels really funny to be in a new space after all these years, but I developed irreconcilable differences with the other install and it made more sense to move over a step than to try to bend it to my will. So here we are.

There will be plenty of crochet content to come but today is devoted to getting everything up and running smoothly. Thanks for visiting my new home!

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